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3 hr
AEOL meeting with
Submit initial budget - USD 700.
Stakeholder meeting scheduling.
Project scoping & estimations with stakeholders.
New order placed #XF-2356.
Company BBQ to celebrate the last quater achievements and goals.
Marketing campaign planning with customer.
750$ Weekly Income
+6,5K New Users
Project Briefing Project Manager
Concept Design Art Director
Functional Logics Lead Developer
Development DevOps
Testing QA Managers

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Sant Outstanding
Email: bprow@bnc.cc
$2,000,000 Paid ReactJs, HTML Approved
Application Development
Email: app@dev.com
$4,600,000 Paid Python, MySQL In Progress
Payrol Application $560,000 Paid Laravel Audviously Success
HR Management System
Email: hr@demo.com
$57,000 Paid AngularJS, C# Rejected
KTR Mobile Application
Email: ktr@demo.com
$45,200,000 Paid ReactJS, Ruby In Progress
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Notes: Current sprint requires stakeholders
to approve newly amended policies

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products earnings comission company rating
Brad Simmons HTML, JS, ReactJS
$8,000,000 In Proccess $520 Paid Intertico Web, UI/UX Design image Best Rated View Offer
Jessie Clarcson C#, ASP.NET, MS SQL
$23,000,000 Pending $1,600 Rejected Agoda Houses & Hotels image Above Avarage View Offer
Lebron Wayde PHP, Laravel, VueJS
$34,000,000 Paid $6,700 Paid RoadGee Paid image Best Rated View Offer
Natali Trump Python, PostgreSQL, ReactJS
$2,600,000 Paid $14,000 Pending The Hill Insurance Avarage View Offer

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James Jones
Application Developer
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Another purpose persuade Due in 2 Days
Would be to people Due in 2 Days
The best product Due in 2 Days

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iBlender The best kitchen gadget in 2020
$ 350 for 5
SmartCleaner Smart tool for cooking
$ 650 for 4
CameraMax Professional camera for edge cutting shots
$ 150 for 3
4D Printer Manufactoring unique objects
$ 1450 for 7
MotionWire Perfect animation tool
$ 650 for 7

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